Real Organic
Our vegetables are truly “slow foods” grown in the beautiful mountains of Jiangxi and tended lovingly by the farmers. The farm only uses natural organic farming practices. No artificial hormones or chemicals are used to speed growth or ripen anything. Compared with vegetables grown in the conventional way, organic vegetables are proven to have higher levels of vitamins, micronutrients, anti-oxidants. Multiple water and soil analyses from the farm all passed international safety standards.

Taste the difference!

Food Security - Single Farm Source
Do you know where your food is coming from? To know the farmers personally and have certified farming practices (USDA, JAS, EU) from a single farm source backed up by product testing by international agencies (SGS) are keys to keeping food security. You have our word on this.

Freshness to your door
Growing within a day’s trucking distance from your doorstep means fresh honest vegetables delivered with a small carbon footprint with no preservatives. Time to say goodbye to airfreight, cross ocean shipping from blind sources and say hello to wonderful “local foods” and get reacquainted with “natural taste”.

Isn’t it good to know you are bringing the best vegetables to your family?

Sowing into the lives of local communities
Communities are families. We firmly believe that our farm must contribute to the livelihood and well-being of the local families. Not only are we providing employment to the older folks who normally are unemployable, we are involved in training them in the best organic farming techniques, building roads, rebuilding damaged houses and providing subsidies to needy families.

Join us in sowing back into the lives of the local families.